iWork Employment Services is committed to providing hands-on services that are timely, highly professional and customized to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. 

We strive to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals we serve by helping them improve their overall quality of life through community involvement and gainful employment.  


Workplace readiness traits describe a number of skills that employers expect from most employees. These skills are sometimes called soft skills, employability skills, or job preparation skills. Through instruction and group learning, individuals develop the skills needed to conduct a job search and maintain employment, including: understanding different jobs opportunities, completing applications, writing a resume, interviewing, professional grooming and hygiene, workplace communication, and personal development and growth.


Job Development is an important aspect of iWork Employment Services in which the career advocate identifies, contacts, and develops business relationships with area employers. We focus on the consumer interests, targeting jobs in the area that fits the consumers’ skills, income needs, and expectations. iWork Employment Services includes support with the application and interviewing process, and visits with potential employers.

Job Developing includes the following services:

  • Situational Assessment
  • Informational Interview
  • Applying to Jobs
  • Mock/Role-Play Interview


iWork Employment Services provides a community integration program that is 100% community based with a goal to transition each individual to a Supported Employment Program.  Individuals not working, or who are underemployed will be encouraged to participate in employment-focused activities of personal interests and hobbies. These activities will be designed for the consumer to explore and discover interests, build skills, and develop connections, which will result in employment. The career advocate will be working with consumers on using employment driven activities to guide and inform the consumer decisions about employment options and the types of jobs to pursue. The following are examples of career exploration activities:

  • Interning in organizations connected to potential career interest. The career advocates will provide guidance and an environment of encouragement, empowerment and excellence through demonstrating communication skills, concentration skills, and improving confidence and coping skills which lead to greater individual and group performance. Consumers will intern at thrift stores, McDonalds and local restaurants, places of worship and meals on wheels.
  • Job tours
  • Job shadowing
  • Workplace Visits/Tours
  • Job clubs


Once in a job setting, career advocates accompany consumers to the place of employment to provide on the job training and immediate feedback.

What iWork Services will do….

  • One-on-one job coaching to individuals who have been hired by an employer or in an internship.
  • Utilize job task analysis and coaching plan.
  • Act as a liaison between the individual and employer.
  • Assess potential issues or areas of concern raised by the individual or employer.
  • We use a person-centered approach to job coaching because all individuals need different supports.
  • Use natural support within the environment.
  • Build interpersonal and communication skills.