Supported Employment

Hire a Supported Worker


Our highly motivated workforce comprised of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities is well-trained, and our support staff works closely with employers to ensure a mutually rewarding experience for both the employee and the business. 

Our Support Team

iWork Employment Services pre-screens candidates, performing skills and interest assessment tests to help ensure candidates' abilities and qualifications.   Once you've hired an employee from iWork Employment Services, we provide a career advocate for initial and ongoing support on your work site, at no cost to your business.

iWork Employment Services candidates are enthusiastic, highly reliable, and take pride in their work.  They can help differentiate your business to clients, and increase brand loyalty by your customers.  Plus, many businesses qualify for tax incentives when hiring adults with disabilities.

10 Reasons to Hire an Individual with Developmental Disabilities


  1. Individuals with developmental disabilities are reliable, dedicated, and loyal workers with a positive work ethic.
  2. Employers experience low turnover and high retention from employees with developmental disabilities.
  3. Individuals with developmental disabilities have lower than average absenteeism, thereby increasing productivity.
  4. Individuals with developmental disabilities demonstrate high work productivity in a wide range of jobs.
  5. Individuals with developmental disabilities contribute to a positive and team-based work environment.
  6. Employees with developmental disabilities promote a positive employer brand that increases customer loyalty.
  7. Procedures are in place to match employer needs with employee job skills.
  8. No-cost consultation is available to help employers hire people with developmental disabilities.
  9. Federal tax incentives for hiring individuals with developmental disabilities improve an employer’s bottom line.
  10. Hiring individuals with developmental disabilities promotes workforce diversity – and is good for the employee, the business, and society.

Getting Started

If you are considering hiring someone with an intellectual or developmental disability, but have some questions, we welcome the conversation.


Our staff members are eager to develop a customized plan for your business in order to match you with one employee (or more) that can help you achieve your business goals.

If you are interested in hiring or for more information about our Employment Services program, please contact (310) 742-5694.

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